Overall CBDC Brand Rating: 9/10

RE Botanicals is the first nationally distributed US-based CBD brand to earn USDA organic certification. 

RE Botanicals curates only the highest quality full-spectrum plant-based hemp extracts.

Company Analysis

Based in Colorado, RE Botanicals was founded in 2018 by John Roulac. He is also the founder of Nutiva, one of the world’s largest organic superfood brands.

RE Botanicals is committed to quality and healthy living. It ensures its customers that the products they consume are pure and organic.

The brand is also dedicated to regenerative agriculture, which aims to restore soil biodiversity. 

RE Botanicals donates 1% of its sales in support of farmers’ education and the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices.

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp USA
Popular Products Hemp 50mg Classic Tincture, Hemp 25mg Peppermint Tincture, Hemp 15mg Classic Capsules, and Extra Strength Relief Body Oil – Lavender
Types Sold Full-spectrum CBD 
Range of Products/Forms CBD oil tinctures, capsules, body oils, and CBD oils for pets
Extraction Method Organic alcohol extraction
Lab Testing Transparency & Availability Lab reports on RE Botanical products are available on the brand’s website or via QR codes
CBD Concentration per Serving Range 30ml bottle of Hemp Classic Tincture may contain 750mg or 1500mg of CBD
Potency 30ml bottle of Hemp Classic Tincture may contain 25mg/ml or 50mg/ml of CBD
THC Range of Products % Non-detectable
Flavors Peppermint and classic flavors for CBD oil tinctures
Tincture Carrier Oil Hempseed oil, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
Lab Results Lab results on product contaminants indicate that RE Botanicals products are free from pesticides, chemicals, and bacteria
Price Range From $9.99 for Hemp 25mg Classic Tincture – 6ml (Trial Size) to $199.99 for Hemp 50mg Classic Tincture – 100ml
Shipping/Delivery Free shipping for orders over $49.98; takes 2-4 business days
Guarantee RE Botanicals offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
Refund Policy Refunds must be made within 30 days of purchase date
Contaminants Free from pesticides and harmful chemicals
Vegan and Gluten-Free Products are vegan and gluten-free
Customer Service Email help@rebotanicals.com or call (303) 214-2118
Country Served USA

RE Botanicals products are blended with organic hemp extracts with USDA-certified organic MCT oil and crafted in small batches. They are also free from glyphosate residue, which is a cancer-causing synthetic herbicide.

Third-party labs test all products for heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides

Source of Hemp

RE Botanicals sources its hemp from US farms. 

There are around 16 CBD products listed on RE Botanicals’ website. Their most popular products are Hemp 50mg Classic Tincture, Hemp 25mg Peppermint Tincture, Hemp 15mg Classic Capsules, and Extra Strength Relief Body Oil – Lavender.

Types Sold

RE Botanicals products contain full-spectrum CBD.

Range of Products/Forms

RE Botanicals offers various products, including CBD oil tinctures, capsules, body oils, and CBD oils for pets.

Extraction Method

RE Botanicals uses organic cane alcohol for its extraction method. 

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

Lab results for RE Botanicals products are available on its website. QR codes are located on the product label.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

The product page on RE Botanicals’ website indicates that a 30ml bottle of Hemp Classic Tincture may contain 750mg or 1500mg of CBD.


The product page on RE Botanicals’ website indicates that a 30ml bottle of Hemp Classic Tincture may contain 25mg/ml or 50mg/ml of CBD.

THC Range of Products % (less than 0.3% – nonpsychoactive)

Based on its certificate of analysis, the THC range of RE Botanicals products is non-detectable.


RE Botanicals CBD oil tinctures are available in peppermint and classic flavors.

Tincture Carrier Oil

RE Botanicals uses hempseed oil and MCT oil as its carrier oils.

Price Range

The least expensive RE Botanicals product is the Hemp 25mg Classic Tincture – 6ml (Trial Size) at $9.99. Meanwhile, the most expensive product is the Hemp 50mg Classic Tincture – 100ml at $199.99.

Shipping and Delivery

RE Botanicals offers free shipping for orders over $49.98. Delivery takes 2-4 business days after the order is processed. 


RE Botanicals offers a money-back guarantee on products that are returned within 30 days of the purchase date.

Refund Policy

Customers must request a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. 


RE Botanicals products are safe and free from pesticides, residual solvents, and bacteria.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

RE Botanicals products are vegan and gluten-free.

Customer Service

Customers can email help@rebotanicals.com or call (303) 214-2118 for any inquiries. Discount codes are available online.

Country Served

RE Botanicals ships its products within the USA. 


Pros Cons
USDA-certified organic products Limited products and flavors
Products certified glyphosate residue-free No worldwide shipping
Supports regenerative agriculture

Pros of RE Botanicals

  • RE Botanicals is a USDA-certified organic hemp brand.
  • All of its products are certified glyphosate residue-free.  
  • The brand supports regenerative agriculture and restoration of soil biodiversity. 

Cons of RE Botanicals

  • The selection of products and flavors are limited. 
  • RE Botanicals only ships within the USA. 

Review of RE Botanicals Hemp Classic Tinctures

One of RE Botanicals’ most popular products is the Hemp Classic Tincture. It is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles.

The 30ml Hemp Classic Tincture contains 750mg or 1500mg CBD, while the 100ml Hemp Classic Tincture contains 2500mg or 5000mg CBD. The product comes in peppermint or classic flavor.

This CBD oil is USDA-certified organic. It is made with U.S. grown full-spectrum organic hemp oil and organic MCT coconut oil. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains the natural compounds of the hemp plant that promise additional health benefits

Multiple studies have suggested that full-spectrum CBD has the potential to relieve pain(1), inflammation(2), or anxiety(3).

Review of RE Botanicals Hemp 15mg Classic Capsules

RE Botanicals blends organic hemp CBD extract with virgin coconut oil in its Hemp Classic Capsules. This product is available in 10, 30, and 60 count options.

Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD. It is made of full-spectrum hemp oil without added chemicals or preservatives. 

The Hemp 15mg Classic Capsules are convenient for simple daily use and getting a consistent dose of CBD. The recommended dosage is one to two capsules per day. 


RE Botanicals meet USDA-certified organic standards from seed through processing to the finished product. Its advocacy for regenerative farming also helps create healthier soils and improve their conditions.

With that, the brand stays true to its commitment to making clean and safe products that are good for the people and the Earth.

  1. Maayah, Z. H., Takahara, S., Ferdaoussi, M., & Dyck, J. R. (2020). The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of formulated full-spectrum cannabis extract in the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis. Inflammation Research, 1-10. 
  2. Ibid.
  3. Blessing, E. M., Steenkamp, M. M., Manzanares, J., & Marmar, C. R. (2015). Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. Neurotherapeutics, 12(4), 825-836.
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