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4 Corners Cannabis is a Colorado-based company that follows a vertically-integrated business model to ensure high-quality, cannabidiol-dominant products extracted using a solvent-based method.

  • 4 Corners Cannabis believes that to produce high-quality products, a company should not merely outsource its CBD and rebrand it. Hence, its founders implemented a vertically-integrated business model to ensure quality control from seed to shelf.
  • Its extensive product line, including CBD for pets and humans, offers various CBD potency and flavor options.
  • 4 Corners Cannabis uses organic sugar cane ethanol extraction to preserve the integrity of the phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant and generate high-grade, CBD-dominant products.

Company Analysis

In 2013, brothers Justin and Brian Jasiewicz, who both had years of experience growing marijuana, decided to experiment on hemp and CBD. 

After having experienced CBD’s benefits firsthand, they wanted to share the substance’s promising effects with the public.

Hence, the brothers launched the 4 Corners Cannabis CBD company. Their lean team oversees everything, from seed cultivation to preparing the products for the shelf. 

According to 4 Corners Cannabis, they are among the first CBD companies to launch in the US.

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp Durango, Colorado
Popular Products Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures and CBD salves
Types Sold Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD
Range of Products/Forms CBD oil tinctures, oral tinctures, pet products (pet tinctures), CBD honey, and CBD topicals (salve sticks, massage oil, salves)
Prices From $8.49 for the 0.15-oz CBD salve stick to $382.48 for the Pet & Me bundle
Extraction Method Organic sugar cane ethanol extraction
Lab Testing Transparency 4 Corners Cannabis lab results may be accessed online and through QR codes
CBD Concentration per Serving Range 4 Corners Cannabis 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture contains 1,004.02mg of CBD per bottle 
Potency For 4 Corners Cannabis 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture, the CBD potency is 36.38mg/g
THC Range of Products % For 4 Corners Cannabis 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture, max THC is 1.22mg/g
Flavors Avocado, cinnamon, coconut citrus, sweet citrus, and choco mint
Lab Testing Availability Lab reports can be accessed through the website or via QR codes
Tincture Carrier Oil Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil)
Lab Results Third-party, independent laboratories
Price Range From $8.49 for the 0.15-oz CBD salve stick to $382.48 for the Pet & Me bundle
Shipping The USA only 
Delivery Free priority shipping for orders over $100. Regular shipping takes two to three business days.
Guarantee 4 Corners Cannabis guarantees high-quality, CBD-dominant hemp extracts. Plant parts that do not pass company standards are composted back to the soil.
Contaminants Products are not tested for microbial contaminants.
Vegan and Gluten-Free Not indicated
Refund Policy For a full refund, customers should return the products within 30 days. Shipping costs are not refunded.
Customer Service Email [email protected] or call 970-398-1649
Country Served The USA only

4 Corners Cannabis products are full-spectrum CBD products that contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and essential oils. 

The company believes that full-spectrum products are more optimal for health because of the entourage effect. This mechanism pertains to the synergy of all the active ingredients of the Cannabis sativa plant to produce maximum therapeutic benefits.

4 Corners Cannabis also offers broad-spectrum tinctures.

Source of Hemp

4 Corners CBD products come from hemp plants grown and cloned in their farm in the Four Corners Region, which pertains to the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Southeastern corner of Utah, Northwestern corner of New Mexico, and Northeastern corner of Arizona.

The most popular products from 4 Corners Cannabis are its full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures. Its tinctures are available in different CBD concentrations and flavors. 

Types Sold 

4 Corners Cannabis products are mostly full-spectrum. It has a THC-free, broad-spectrum tincture, as an option for individuals who prefer their CBD products without psychoactive ingredients. 

Range of Products/Forms 

4 Corners Cannabis has an extensive product line for humans and pets alike. They offer CBD oil tinctures, oral tinctures, pet products (pet tinctures), CBD honey, CBD topicals (salve sticks, massage oil, salves), and apparel. 


4 Corners Cannabis product prices range from $8.49 for the 0.15-oz CBD salve stick to $382.48 for the Pet & Me bundle. 

Extraction Method 

The company believes in preserving the quality of the phytocompounds found in cannabis plants by using organic sugar cane ethanol extraction to generate the CBD oil from the plants.

Instead of using harsh solvents, 4 Corners Cannabis uses sugar cane ethanol that has been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

This strong alcohol is made from sugar. According to the company, despite the strength of sugar cane ethanol, it is food grade and appropriate for CBD extraction processes. 

4 Corners Cannabis derives hemp oil from ground hemp flowers using extremely low temperatures that guarantee to preserve the extract’s quality. The company believes that such a process yields the highest quality CBD

Lab Testing Transparency

4 Corners Cannabis values transparency. Its third-party lab results are available on the company website and accessible by scanning products’ QR codes. 

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

4 Corners Cannabis 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture contains 1,004.02mg of CBD per bottle


For 4 Corners Cannabis’ 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture, the CBD potency is 36.38mg/g.

To find the product potency, one should simply look at the amount of cannabinoid expressed in milligrams per gram.

THC Range of Products % (less than 0.3% – nonpsychoactive)

For 4 Corners Cannabis’ 30ml coconut citrus oral tincture, the maximum THC is 1.22mg/g. 


The company’s exciting flavor lineup includes avocado, cinnamon, coconut citrus, sweet citrus, and choco mint.

Lab Testing Availability

A product’s certificate of analysis and other essential lab reports can be found on the website or accessed by scanning assigned QR codes.

Tincture Carrier Oil

The carrier oil of 4 Corners Cannabis oral tinctures is fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil).

 Lab Results

According to the company, all their products have been tested by third-party, independent laboratories for potency and purity.

Price Range

4 Corners Cannabis CBD oil products and other items range from $8.49 for the 0.15-oz CBD salve stick to $382.48 for the Pet & Me bundle (CBD tinctures for pets and pet parents).


The CBD brand ships to the US only.


Upon checkout, when the entire order amount goes above $100, 4 Corners Cannabis offers free priority shipping. Regular shipping takes two to three business days.


The company guarantees that they only use the best ingredients and top-quality hemp plants. Plant materials that do not meet their criteria are composted back to the soil.


Lab results available online show that products are not tested for microbial contamination.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

The website does not indicate if 4 Corners Cannabis products are vegan and gluten-free.

Refund Policy

Customers with product issues may contact the company for a full refund. They should return the products within 30 days. 

Shipping costs are not refunded. For other concerns regarding product return and refund, consumers may email  [email protected]

Customer Service

The company’s customer support team is available Mondays to Fridays, 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM, Western European Time.

For other queries, customers may email [email protected] or call 970-398-1649.

Country Served

4 Corners Cannabis ships only within the US.


Pros Cons
The CBD potency of 4 Corners Cannabis products is impressive. 4 Corners Cannabis products are expensive. 
The product line is extensive, ranging from tinctures (which can serve as vape juice or vape oil) to CBD honey. The company does not offer site-wide CBD deals, nor does it provide CBD coupon codes.
The company is committed to providing the best CBD oil and CBD products by employing vertically-integrated business practices.

Pros of the Company

  • 4 Corners Cannabis stays true to its commitment to provide CBD-dominant products with high potencies. 

Varying potency amounts also offer consumers more options. Even product reviews from customers attest to the brand’s remarkable potency. 

  • Products are designed for human and pet consumption. There are also flavor options for those who dislike CBD’s naturally grassy taste. 

The CBD brand has exciting variants, such as avocado oil tincture. There are also CBD format options, including topicals and edible CBD.

  • According to the company, they operate behind a lean team that tries to oversee all operations beginning from cultivating the seeds to displaying the products on shelves. 

Cons of the Company

  • 4 Corners Cannabis products fall on the more expensive spectrum of CBD offerings in the market, even if they give out discount codes or promo codes.
  • There is a lack of 4 Corners Cannabis coupon codes or 4 Corners Cannabis promo codes. There is an opportunity to provide discounts off 4 Corners Cannabis products or incentives to entice consumers for their next purchase.

4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tinctures – Blue Label4 Corners Blue Label Oral Tincture Bottles

4 Corners Cannabis “Blue Label” is flavored with limonene(orange extract) to give this tincture a coconut citrus flavor. Aside from the flavoring, it is made with complete spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil. 

Meanwhile, its avocado oil tincture is almost the same as its Blue Label, except it is made from virgin organic avocado oil

For a sweet and spicy alternative, 4 Corners Cannabis offers its Red Label cinnamon oral tincture.

4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tinctures – Red Label

The Red Label variant has a different set of ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, complete spectrum hemp extract, less than 10% organic cane alcohol, and organic cinnamon extract. 

These three flavors come in 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml variants. They also come in different potencies, namely stock-keeping units (SKUs) with 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, or 2,000 mg of CBD.  

The dosage of these tinctures depends on the user’s body weight.

4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tinctures – Orange Label4 Corners Cannabis Orange Label Glycerin Tincture Bottles

The brand’s glycerin tincture or Orange Label is made from vegetable glycerin, complete spectrum hemp extract, and limonene. It may serve as a CBD vape liquid

The Orange Label is available in 15ml and 30ml variants, with CBD potencies of  250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg or 2,000mg.

When vaping the Orange Label oil drops, users should start with low temperatures and slowly work their way up until they find the right vaping temperature.

The company also offers THC-free oral tinctures, available in coconut citrus and choco mint flavors.

Individuals using CBD for chronic pain may also apply these oil drops to painful areas.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Salve Review4 Corners Cannabis CBD Salve

The brand is also known for its CBD salves. This soothing product may be used for damaged skin and even on chapped lips as a lip balm.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD salve is made from coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidants, and complete spectrum hemp extract. It is available in 1oz and 2oz SKUs with a 250-mg or 500-mg CBD potency.

To avoid getting the product slightly runny, do not expose to temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


4 Corners Cannabis believes in providing CBD-dominant products to the market. 

Currently, it has an extensive line of tinctures for humans and pets alike. It also has topicals and other innovative product formats, like CBD honey.

4 Corners Cannabis reviews from customers are typically excellent. However, despite its high CBD content, 4 Corners Cannabis products are more expensive than most. 

Hence, there is an opportunity to provide more discount codes or incentives, such as deals, to encourage customer loyalty and entice potential users to try the brand.

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