Overall CBDC Brand Rating for Ceres Natural Remedies: 8.8/10

Ceres Natural Remedies is named after Ceres, the Roman goddess of the growth of food plants. A statue of Ceres is located atop the Vermont statehouse. The CBD company’s headquarters are located in the New England state.   

Ceres’ values include herbal remedies and holistic health and well-being. The company dedicates itself to practicing environmentally-friendly, organic, and sustainable farming practices. 

According to the company’s website, Ceres also partners with organizations that share its principles.      

Ceres Natural Remedies also won the 2019 Seven Days Daysies award (Best CBD Shop). 

The company has offered a cornucopia of CBD products since 2015. It meticulously selects CBD brands to feature in its stores. 

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Ceres Natural Remedies: About the Company 

  • Ceres Natural Remedies is committed to plant-based alternative therapies, holistic health and wellness, and sustainable farming. 
  • Ceres offers a wholesale program allowing vendors to purchase large amounts of CBD products at discounted prices. 
  • Ceres also dedicates itself to educating individuals on utilizing cannabis products for their health and wellness. It interacts with individuals through Vermont’s medical marijuana program and Ceres Natural Remedies stores. 

Savings and Discounts

The Period Pack is a discounted bundle, allowing consumers to save 12% on the numerous products’ retail value. Ceres has designed the product to add CBD to a woman’s menstrual health routine.  

In addition, Ceres Natural Remedies’ wholesale program may help vendors experience savings through purchasing large quantities of CBD products. 

Review of Ceres Natural Remedies Products

Lemon Peppermint CBD Drops

Ceres’ full spectrum Lemon Peppermint Drops are ideal for new cannabidiol users. In a 2020 study, researchers reported that studies suggest cannabis-derived therapies may help relieve inflammation, pain, and anxiety(1).  

The product includes graduated droppers for easy dosing. 

Each Lemon Peppermint CBD Drops bottle includes a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil, coconut oil, and organic lemon and peppermint essential oils (EOs). 

Research suggests that peppermint in capsules may help relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms in adults(2)

Usage and Dosage

Each bottle contains 1200 milligram (mg) of CBD, and 1 milliliter (ml) contains 20mg of CBD, according to the product page. 

Individuals should shake the bottle well and use a “low and slow” approach to dosing, according to the product page. After placing CBD drops under the tongue, one should wait up to 60 seconds before swallowing. This process may increase the body’s absorption of CBD.  

Individuals should consult their physicians before using CBD and particularly if they have a medical condition or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

CBD Salve

Ceres Natural Remedies Hemp Salve combines full-spectrum hemp with carrier oils (coconut oil and hempseed oil).

The company also infuses the salve with flowers from chamomile, St. John’s wort, and arnica plants due to their purported therapeutic benefits. However, additional research is needed. 

Meanwhile, essential oils, including blue chamomile, may produce a cooling and calming aroma. 

Some studies suggest that chamomile may help relieve generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)(3). However, additional research is warranted as the studies have been inconclusive. 

Additionally, research suggests that CBD may help relieve anxiety and induce sleep(4). However, researchers must conduct further studies.

Usage and Dosage

Hemp Salve contains 500mg CBD, according to the product page. One should apply the salve to any body region requiring soothing relief. 

Ceres Natural Remedies Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Supports sustainable and organic farming practices Does not ship to all states
Offers innovative products and bundles Does not allow canceling or returns of orders.
Wide range of products  COAs are available upon request.
Partnership with Last Prisoner Project

Pros of Ceres Natural Remedies 

  • Ceres Natural Remedies supports organic and sustainable farming practices. Through plant-based herbal remedies. 
  • Ceres’ offerings include CBD Salve, CBD Starter Kit, and Hemp-Infused Black Tea.
  • Ceres’ product lines include oils and tinctures, edibles, topicals, gels and capsules, vapes, and kits.
  • Ceres has partnered with LPP to support criminal justice reform initiatives. 

Cons of Ceres Natural Remedies 

  • Ceres Natural Remedies does not ship to particular states based on state CBD laws. 
  • Ceres does not allow customers to cancel or return orders. 
  • Ceres’ website states it provides COAs upon request. However, providing such information on the website would provide more transparency.

Product Summary

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp This information is not available on Ceres’ website.
Popular Products ah! (Calm + Clarity), CBD Salve
Types Sold Full-spectrum CBD
Range of Products Oils and tinctures, topicals, gels and capsules, beverages, bath and body, and pet products. 
Price Range From $6 for Recover Gel Capsules to $99 for The Period Pack  
Extraction Method Supercritical CO2
Lab Testing Transparency & Availability Lab reports are not available on Ceres Natural Remedies’ website.
CBD Concentration per Serving Range Lemon Peppermint CBD Drops (600mg) may contain 600mg CBD per bottle, according to the product page. 
Potency COA information is available by reaching out to  [email protected]
THC Range of Products % Less than 0.3%
Flavors Relief Mints are available in ginger and peppermint flavors. 
Tincture Carrier Oil MCT oil (coconut oil)
Shipping and Delivery Orders are processed within two business days and shipped via USPS.
Guarantee Customers cannot cancel orders.
Refund Policy Customers cannot return products.
Contaminants COAs are available by reaching out to the company.
Vegan and Gluten-Free This information is not available on Ceres’ website.
Customer Service Email [email protected] 
Countries Served The United States.


Ceres Natural Remedies’ website states that it believes in the “power of plants” and “holistic health and wellness.”

The company aims to promote such values through its proprietary brand and other CBD brands it carries. 

Ceres is committed to increasing wellness through plant-based products, including CBD products. 

Still, a consultation with a physician is necessary for proper usage and dosage before using CBD products.  

Extraction Method

Ceres Natural Remedies utilizes supercritical CO2 (liquid carbon dioxide) to extract compounds including CBD and terpenes from raw plant material. 

The company may add terpenes back into cannabidiol products following extraction to achieve the synergetic effect known as the “entourage effect.”

Lab Testing Transparency and Availability

Laboratory test results for Ceres National Remedies’ products are available by reaching out to [email protected]


Ceres Natural Remedies believes plant-based alternative remedies may help achieve holistic health and wellness. 

Visit www.ceresremedies.com today and sign up for Ceres’ newsletter to receive free items and promo codes.

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