Overall CBDC Brand Rating: 8/10

Since its founding in 2016, Nganic has positioned itself as one of the CBD industry leaders through its commitment to quality, transparency, and organic farming methods.

Company Analysis

Nevada-based and family-owned CBD company, Nganic, produced its first CBD tincture in 2016 and has since become one of the industry’s leading companies. Using organically grown Colorado hemp, Nganic provides CBD products ranging from tinctures, softgel capsules, and salves.

A third-party laboratory tests each product batch for its potency and purity. Lab test results are posted on the company website.

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp Colorado
Popular Products Nganic 250mg CBD Oil, Nganic 1000mg CBD Oil, and Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength
Types Sold Broad-spectrum CBD products
Range of Products/Forms Tinctures, softgel capsules, and topical products
Extraction Method CO2 extraction method
Lab Testing Transparency and Availability Updated lab test results are available on the website
CBD Concentration per Serving Range Based on its product page, a bottle of Nganic CBD Oil contains 250mg to 3000mg of CBD
Potency Based on its COA, a 30ml bottle of Nganic contains 8.66mg/ml to 101.66mg/ml of CBD
THC Range of Products % No THC detected
Flavors Tinctures: original and peppermint
Tincture Carrier Oil Hempseed oil and MCT oil
Lab Results According to COAs, the products contain higher a CBD concentration than advertised
Price Range From $48.85 for a 30ml bottle of Nganic 250mg CBD Oil to $159 for Nganic 2000mg CBD Salve – Extra Strength
Shipping and Delivery Ships within the US via USPS in one to three business days; free shipping is available on standard orders
Guarantee 30-day upgrade guarantee for first-time customers
Contaminants No contaminants were detected based on available COAs
Vegan and Gluten-Free Most products are vegan and gluten-free
Refund Policy Refunds available for unused and unopened products 
Customer Service Phone Number: (775) 800-6619

Email: [email protected]

Country Served The USA and worldwide

Nganic products contain the health benefits that come with CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes in a broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

Source of Hemp

Nganic sources its hemp from Farm Bill-compliant hemp farms in Colorado. 

There are around 11 products listed on Nganic’s website. The most popular ones are the Nganic 250mg CBD Oil and Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength.

Types Sold

Nganic only sells THC-free broad-spectrum CBD products.

Range of Products/Forms

Nganic offers tinctures, topicals, and softgel capsules

Extraction Method

Nganic uses the CO2 extraction method to produce clean and high-quality hemp oil. 

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

Nganic employs third-party labs to test its products for potency and purity. Lab test results are accessible on the company website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

Based on its product page, a bottle of Nganic CBD Oil contains 250mg to 3000mg of CBD.


Based on its certificate of analysis or COA, a 30ml bottle of Nganic contains 8.66mg/ml to 101.66mg/ml of CBD.

THC Range of Products % (less than 0.3% – nonpsychoactive)

No THC was detected on the 30ml bottle of Nganic CBD Oil.


Nganic’s CBD tinctures are available in both original and peppermint flavors.

Tincture Carrier Oil

Nganic uses hempseed oil for its tinctures and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil for its softgel capsules.

Lab Results

Based on the lab test results, Nganic’s products have higher CBD concentrations than indicated in the product label.

Price Range

Prices range from $48.85 for a 30ml bottle of Nganic 250mg CBD Oil to $159 for Nganic 2000mg CBD Salve – Extra Strength.

Discount coupons are available online from affiliate websites.

Shipping and Delivery

All items are shipped within one to three business days via USPS. Expedited shipping and international shipping options are available. 

Free shipping is only for standard domestic orders.


Nganic offers a 30-day upgrade guarantee for first-time customers.

Refund Policy

Customers may file for a refund request within 30 days of delivery. Only unused and unopened products may qualify for a refund.


Most products’ COAs do not contain information on possible contaminant levels. However, the COA for Nganic 30ml 1000mg CBD Oil indicates that there are no contaminants present in the product.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Some of Nganic’s products, such as the CBD Oil tinctures, are vegan.

Customer Service

Customer inquiries may be directed to [email protected] or (775) 800-6619.

Country Served

Nganic products are available in the US and other countries worldwide.


Pros Cons
Made from locally-grown hemp No information on the contaminants in most products’ COA
CO2 extraction method Limited product offering
CBD concentration in product label matches the value indicated in the COA
30-day upgrade guarantee
Shipping is free for standard domestic orders
International shipping is available

Pros of the Company

  • Nganic’s products are made from organic, Colorado-grown hemp.
  • Nganic uses the CO2 extraction method to extract the maximum amount of CBD oil from the hemp plant.
  • The COAs indicate that the products’ CBD concentration matches the value advertised.
  • Nganic offers first-time customers a free item upgrade within 30 days of order delivery.
  • Free shipping is available for standard domestic orders.
  • Nganic offers international shipping.

Cons of the Company

  • Most products’ COA does not provide information on possible contaminant levels.
  • The company’s product range is narrow, focusing on tinctures, capsules, and topical products only.

Review of Nganic CBD Oil 

Nganic’s CBD Oil comes in three CBD concentrations: 250mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg. According to Nganic’s website, the 250mg CBD oil is a popular choice for pets, while the 1000mg CBD is popular for individuals who are managing moderate health issues.

The product comes in original and peppermint flavor. The peppermint CBD oil is boosted with grape seed and peppermint oil. 

Tinctures are typically taken sublingually or mixed with food or drink.

Review of Nganic CBD Salve – Extra Strength

  A 1-oz jar of Nganic’s CBD Salve – Extra Strength may have a CBD concentration of 500mg to 2000mg. It is formulated with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil.

The combined benefits of CBD, lavender, and eucalyptus are designed to provide relief and soothe the skin. 

Eucalyptus is reported to have muscle relaxant and anti-spasm properties[1], while lavender is noted to have anti-anxiety and anti-inflammation components[2].


Since 2016, Nganic has established itself as one of the CBD industry leaders, providing high-quality and reliable CBD products with always the customers in mind. 

Despite having a small product line, the company delivers potent products, free from harsh chemicals and other contaminants.

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