Overall CBDC Brand Rating: 8/10

Feals proudly uses only organic and all-natural ingredients for its products. The company believes that full-spectrum and terpene-rich hemp is a healthy and natural way to reduce and eliminate stress, pain, and anxiety.

Company Analysis

Launched in 2019, Feals produced pared-down CBD tincture products composed only of CBD and MCT oil. The company aims to help promote betterment in its customers’ minds, bodies, and relaxation levels.   

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp Colorado and Oregon
Popular Products Feals Best Seller 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil
Types Sold Full-spectrum CBD products
Range of Products/Forms Tinctures
Extraction Method Pressurized CO2 extraction method
Lab Testing Transparency & Availability Available on the website
CBD Concentration per Serving Range The Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil may contain 600 to 2400mg of CBD, based on the product page
Potency COA states that a bottle of Feals Best Seller 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil contains 90.515mg of CBD
THC Range of Products % The THC level for a bottle of Feals Best Seller 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil is 0.243%
Flavors No flavors
Tincture Carrier Oil MCT oil
Lab Results Products’ CBD concentration matches the value indicated on the website
Price Range From $20 for The Flight bundle to $244.95 for the Feals Extra Strength 2400mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil
Shipping/Delivery Products are shipped via USPS or DHL and delivered in one to five days; free shipping is available
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee for first purchases
Refund Policy 60-day refund policy for unused and unopened products
Contaminants No contaminants
Vegan and Gluten-Free Vegan and gluten-free products
Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Phone: 844-311-9090

Country Served USA

Feals CBD products are made with non-GMO hemp, using organic farming procedures. An ISO-certified third-party laboratory tests each product batch to determine their safety and purity.

Source of Hemp

Feals sources its hemp from Colorado and Oregon farms. 

There are four CBD tinctures listed on the Feals website. The best seller is the Feals 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT oil.

Types Sold

Feals offers full-spectrum CBD products.

Range of Products/Forms

Feals only offers tinctures in different strengths. Customers can purchase the products via the brand’s website.

Extraction Method

Feals uses the pressurized CO2 extraction method to extract the CBD oil from raw hemp.

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

Lab test results for Feals CBD products are available on its website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

The product page states that a bottle of Feals CBD Extract + MCT oil may contain 600 to 2000mg of CBD.


The product’s certificate of analysis (COA) states that a bottle of Feals Best Seller 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil contains 90.515mg/ml of CBD.

THC Range of Products % (less than 0.3% – nonpsychoactive)

According to its COA, the THC level for a bottle of Feals Best Seller 1200mg CBD Extract + MCT oil is 0.243%.


Feals CBD products do not contain additional flavorings. 

Tincture Carrier Oil

Feals uses medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil for its tinctures.

Lab Test Results

Available lab test results indicate that Feals CBD products’ CBD concentration matches the value advertised.

Price Range

Feals CBD products’ price ranges from $20 for The Flight bundle to $244.95 for the Feals Extra Strength 2400mg CBD Extract + MCT Oil.

Feals subscription members get a 30% discount on all orders.

Shipping and Delivery

The company ships its products via USPS First Class Direct and DHL Expedited Max. Free shipping is available for all orders.

The estimated delivery time is one to five business days. Customers are encouraged to contact Feals to arrange expedited shipping.


Feals offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on first-time purchases.

Refund Policy

Refunds may be claimed within 60 days of delivery for unopened and unused products. 


Third-party lab test results indicate that Feals CBD products are free from harmful contaminants.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

All products are vegan and gluten-free.

Customer Service

Customers can email [email protected] or call 844-311-9090 for any concerns or inquiries.

Country Served

Feals ships its products within the USA. 


Pros Cons
Third-party lab tested products Limited to tinctures
Simple product line Small product size
Free from harmful contaminants Relatively expensive
Trial samples are available
30-day money-back guarantee
Free shipping is available

Pros of Feals

  • An ISO-certified third-party laboratory performs tests on all Feals CBD products. The test results are accessible on the brand’s website.
  • Feals offers a pared-down and straightforward product line. 
  • Products are safe from harmful contaminants, such as pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals.
  • The company offers trial samples of its CBD tinctures. 
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for first-time purchases.
  • Free shipping is available with no minimum order required.

Cons of Feals 

  • Feals product line is currently limited to CBD tinctures.
  • Full-size products are only 15ml.
  • Products are relatively expensive for their size.

Review of Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil

A 15ml bottle of Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil is available in 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg CBD concentration.

The product aims to help customers manage anxiety, pain, and sleeping difficulties. Feals recommends consistently administering small doses for first-time customers. CBD before bedtime should also be avoided initially.

According to multiple studies, CBD may help promote wellness through its anti-anxiety[1], anti-depressant[2], and analgesic[3] properties. Studies have also noted that CBD might help in managing sleep disorders[4].

Review of Feals The Flight CBD

Feals The Flight CBD features a bundle of its three CBD tinctures in sample vials to help customers find their appropriate CBD concentration. Each box contains a 40mg, 80mg, and 160mg of CBD and suitable for one use.

For maximum benefits, Feals recommends that customers pour one vial of CBD under their tongue and wait for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.


Feals is guided by its mission to promote healthful wellness through CBD. Its streamlined product line allows first-time users to explore CBD’s potential therapeutic effects in a simple, clear, and concise way.

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