Overall CBDC Brand Rating: 9/10

Green Lotus offers CBD products designed to help users relax. The brand is well-known for its various organic hemp products with unique flavors.

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Company Analysis

Founded in 2016, Green Lotus is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The brand has vast experience in the production of high-quality hemp. 

Green Lotus provides high-quality CBD products that can be used to help with various health issues. It helps customers make a proactive choice about their wellness. 

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp USA
Popular Products Premium Hemp Oil Cartridge, Hemp Oil Gummies, and Premium Hemp Pet Tincture
Types Sold Full-spectrum CBD
Range of Products/Forms Tinctures, gummies, pre-roll joints, softgels, topicals, cartridges, and pet products
Extraction Method CO₂ extraction and distillation methods 
Lab Testing Transparency & Availability Lab reports for Green Lotus’ products are available on the brand’s website
CBD Concentration per Serving Range 30ml CBD Tincture has a CBD concentration range of 125mg/unit to 1,500mg/unit
Potency 30ml CBD Tincture has a CBD potency range of 4.7mg/g to 55.5mg/g
THC Range of Products % Less than 0.3% THC
Flavors Hemp oil CBD tincture

  • Natural, lemon, and orange


  • Peace, Fresh, Vibe, Serene, Unwind, and Alive


  • Strawberry and wild berry
Tincture Carrier Oil Hempseed oil, MCT oil
Lab Results Lab reports show that the brand’s products do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Price Range From $14.99 for Hemp Oil CBD Gummies to $129.95 for the 60-count, 1,500mg CBD Capsules
Shipping/Delivery Free shipping
Refund Policy 30-day refund policy
Contaminants The brand’s products are free from harmful chemicals or bacteria
Vegan and Gluten-Free Green Lotus’ products are vegan and gluten-free
Customer Service Call 1-888-811-4367 or email info@greenlotushemp.com

Green Lotus’ products are designed to help users de-stress and stay active. The products are recommended for daily relaxation and comfort.

Source of Hemp

The brand uses hemp grown and processed in the U.S.

Green Lotus’ most popular products are the Premium Hemp Oil Cartridge, Hemp Oil Gummies, and Premium Hemp Pet Tincture.

Types Sold

The brand offers full-spectrum CBD.

Range of Products/Forms

Green Lotus offers CBD in the forms of tinctures, gummies, pre-roll joints, softgels, topicals, cartridges, and pet products.

Extraction Method

Green Lotus uses a CO2 extraction method and various distillation processes.

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

The brand posts third-party lab reports on its website

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

Green Lotus’ 30ml CBD Tincture has a CBD concentration range of 125mg/unit to 1,500mg/unit. 


The brand’s 30ml CBD Tincture has a CBD potency range of 4.7mg/g to 55.5mg/g.

THC Range of Products %

Green Lotus products contain less than 0.3% THC.


The brand’s Hemp oil CBD tincture comes in natural, lemon, and orange flavors. The gummies are available in strawberry and wild berry flavors.

Meanwhile, the vape cartridges can be enjoyed in six blends: Peace, Fresh, Vibe, Serene, Unwind, and Alive.

Tincture Carrier Oil 

Green Lotus uses MCT oil and hempseed oil as its carrier oils.

Lab Results

Lab reports show that Green Lotus products do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Price Range 

The most affordable Green Lotus product is the Hemp Oil CBD Gummies worth $14.99. Meanwhile, the most expensive product of the brand is the 60-count, 1,500mg CBD Capsules sold for $129.95.

Shipping and Delivery

Green Lotus offers free shipping.

Refund Policy

Green Lotus allows customers to return their orders 30 days after their purchase.


The brand’s products do not contain any harmful chemicals or bacteria.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Green Lotus offers a vegan-friendly variant and a gluten-free variant of its Hemp Oil Gummies.

Customer Service 

Green Lotus can be reached by calling 1-888-811-4367 or sending an email to info@greenlotushemp.com.


Pros Cons
Offers a diverse range of products Expensive products
Provides lab reports for all products
Offers a wide range of flavors

Pros of Green Lotus

  • Green Lotus has a diverse range of products for customers.
  • Green Lotus provides lab reports for all of its products.
  • The brand’s products can be enjoyed in a variety of unique flavors.

Cons of Green Lotus

  • The brand’s products are expensive, with the most affordable products sold for $14.99.

Review of Green Lotus Hemp Vape Oil Cartridge

Green Lotus’ Hemp Vape Oil Cartridge is recommended for people who want to de-stress and make resting easy. 

For this product, the brand uses a ceramic coil and glass casing for a clean vape, a pure taste, and a smooth burn. It comes in six unique flavors: Peace, Fresh, Vibe, Serene, Unwind, and Alive.

According to studies, CBD has a calming effect on the body’s central nervous system.[1] However, it is recommended to consult a medical professional before vaping. 

A recent study about vaping discovered that vape use might be harmful to the body’s respiratory system.[2]

Review of Green Lotus Hemp Oil Gummies – Strawberry Melatonin 

The brand’s Hemp Oil Gummies – Strawberry Melatonin is designed to help users achieve deep and rejuvenating sleep. It contains 7.5mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin.

A 2017 research discovered that CBD had the potential to treat insomnia. According to the study, CBD could help people with REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.[3]


Green Lotus provides high-grade CBD products designed to help people focus and relax. All of the brand’s products are made from organic hemp to give customers a safe and natural way to heal themselves.

Even though CBD is still unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Green Lotus uses independent labs to test for purity and potency.

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