Burn: What you need to know

A burn is tissue damage caused by heat, overexposure to sun or other radiation, or by chemical or electrical contact. Some burns may be mild, but some can be life-threatening medical issues. (1)

Many people can recover from burns with no lasting health effects, depending on the cause and degree of damage. More serious burns need immediate medical or surgical attention so that complications can be prevented.

The treatment of burns depends on where the damage is and how severe it is. In general, sunburns and minor scalds can be treated at home. Deep or widespread burns require urgent medical attention and may require surgery. Some people need to be treated at specialized burn centers and call for long periods of care. (2)

When a person accidentally burns themselves, the affected area hurts and usually gets inflamed. However, deep burns may not hurt as the damaged nerves can lose sensation. These conditions are normal and are regarded as the body’s natural protective mechanism. When a person gets injured, the body sends an army of immune cells to the wounded region to battle the foreign bodies off. The problem is that too much inflammation hinders the healing process and causes pain (3). 

Is CBD Oil Good for Burns?

The current number of literature claiming that the use of CBD oil is good for the treatment of burns is very limited. However, this does not mean that CBD oil treatment has no healing effects. Several studies conducted discovered some of its health benefits.

  • CBD has antibacterial properties

A 1976 study entitled “Antibacterial Activity of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol” hinted that CBD can be a good option in handling burns. CBD comes with antibacterial properties that help heal the wound by desensitizing a person’s body to pain, sterilizing the affected area and promoting the growth of new skin cells (4)

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties

Using CBD oil for burn treatment may be beneficial. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is heavily involved in boosting skin health. Also, the substance actively helps in mediating the oil glands that make the skin smooth as well as in promoting the life cycle of the skin cells (5)

  • CBD is a natural pain reliever

CBD derived from help and found in CBD oils is useful in stopping inflammation. Due to its excellent anti-inflammatory feature, CBD can effectively act as a natural pain reliever. Thus, using CBD oils on burns may not only help the injured area to heal faster but also might make the patient feel better.


The significance of using CBD as an effective treatment for skin burns currently remains uncertain. However, by looking at the results of clinical and laboratory-based researches conducted by the likes of Prakash Nagarkatti, Rupal Pandey, et al (6) and Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (7), it is quite clear that CBD use for burn treatment is very much possible. 

CBD oils are derived mostly from hemp. This has been used for several centuries as among the most popular and effective alternative medicines (8). Thus, it is quite appropriate to consider this as a safe option to aid in burn treatment. 

However, it is better for those who wish to use the oil for burn treatment to seek medical advice. This is because the doctor knows if using the substance can possibly interfere with one’s existing health problems or not. 

Finally, the uncertainty regarding the exact therapeutic effects of CBD oils on burns still needs to be explored. It will most likely take a few years before the experts can successfully prove the level of effectiveness this substance could provide for treating burn injuries. So, it is best to use CBD oils only as a backup remedy for handling burns.

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