Overall CBDC Brand Rating for Koodegras CBD Oil: 9.0/10

Koodegras is a CBD company that claims to specialize in artisanal THC-free CBD products. The company’s proprietary “Angstrom” line of CBD oils is among these limited-quantity products formulated to be water-soluble to maximize CBD absorption into the body.

While the company sells a wide variety of products, Koodegras’ artisanal nature means the brand only produces such products in limited quantities. Additionally, the company accepts orders within the United States only.

Still, Koodegras ensures product safety and potency by getting products tested by third-party labs. The company also offers discount coupons to encourage more buyers to try its products.

Koodegras CBD Oil Company Summary

Koodegras offers various products, such as CBD oil tinctures, edibles, softgels, topicals, bath bombs, and even pet products. This wide selection allows customers to choose a product based on their preferred administration method.

The brand asserts that its broad-spectrum products sold on the website do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains most cannabinoids and compounds in the cannabis plant. However, this form of CBD is typically THC-free(1).

THC is a cannabis compound known to have psychoactive or mind-affecting properties that may cause an individual to feel “high”(2).

Koodegras asserts that it conducts rigorous third-party tests to ensure its products do not contain contaminants such as mold, mildew, residual solvents, and heavy metals.

Koodegras CBD Oil Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Products are tested by third-party labs The website contains lab test results for selected products only
Products do not contain THC Ships within the U.S. only
Discount coupons available


Pros of Koodegras CBD Oil

  • The company tests its products through third-party laboratories to ensure product potency and safety.
  • Koodegras claims all of its products do not contain THC unless specified on the product.
  • The brand offers discount coupon codes, which customers can input during product checkout to save on purchases or shipping.

Cons of Koodegras CBD Oil

  • Certificates of analysis (COA) on the website are for selected products only. Not all products have test results available.
  • Koodegras accepts and ships orders to U.S.-based clients only.

Review of Koodegras CBD Oil Products

Koodegras CBD Angstrom

Koodegras claims its “Angstrom” product line is formulated to be nano-emulsified in water to maximize CBD’s bioavailability or cellular absorption.

Nanoemulsion is the combination of two typically immiscible or unmixable substances (emulsion) into a single phase at the nano level (around 20 to 200 nanometers) to improve the delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients(3).

One 10-milliliter (ml) bottle of Koodegras CBD Angstrom contains 200 milligrams (mg) of CBD. This product also comes in 30ml bottles containing 600mg of CBD.

Koodegras CBD Black Seed Salve

Koodegras CBD Black Seed Salve contains black seed cumin oil, which the company claims may be a natural remedy for various health conditions.

Black cumin seeds have been used by different civilizations for centuries to help manage illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory conditions, infertility, and viral infections(4).

One 1-ounce (oz) jar contains 150mg of CBD.

Product Summary


Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Popular Products Koodegras CBD Angstrom, Koodegras CBD Black Seed Salve, Koodegras CBD & Curcumin Softgels
Types Sold Broad-spectrum
Range of Products Tinctures, gummies, softgels, topicals, bath bombs, pet products
Price Range From $9.99 for 60mg Bath Bombs to $399 for Angstrom Day & Night Double Box
Lab Testing Transparency and Availability Test results are publicly available on the website
CBD Concentration per Serving Range According to the product page, one 10ml bottle of Koodegras CBD Angstrom 200mg contains 200mg of CBD
Potency CBD concentration of Koodegras CBD Angstrom 200mg is 22.24mg/ml
THC Range of Products % Less than 0.3% THC
Flavors Gummy flavors include cherry, buttermint, cinnamon, grape, green apple, strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon
Tincture Carrier Oil Caprylic acid derived from coconuts
Shipping and Delivery Orders take 1 to 2 days to ship and up to 5 days to arrive by USPS
Guarantee Guaranteed product satisfaction or your money back
Refund Policy Products returned within 30 days from receipt are eligible for a full refund
Contaminants Products do not contain contaminants
Customer Service Email [email protected] or call 801-623-9861 (Millcreek, UT), 801-960-3806 (Sandy, UT), or 801-341-9820 (Fort Union, Midvale, UT)
Countries Served Ships within the U.S. only


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the prevalent and widely-researched compounds in the cannabis plant. Studies suggest this cannabinoid may help manage insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety, inhibit neuropathic pain, and lower inflammation(5).

Where and How to Buy

You may purchase Koodegras’ CBD products through its website and online store at koodegras.com or email [email protected].

If you prefer buying in physical stores, you may visit or contact the following branches:

  • Millcreek: 801-623-9861

    4356 South 900 East, Millcreek, UT 84124

  • Sandy: 801-960-3806

    8757 State St., Sandy, UT 84070

  • Fort Union: 801-341-9820

   1005 East Ft. Union Blvd., Midvale, UT 84047

Discounts and Offers

Customers purchasing Koodegras products on its website may register for an account to receive offers and enter coupon codes on the product checkout page to qualify for discounts.

More About Koodegras CBD Oil

Koodegras is committed to providing a high level of customer service by ensuring that you are attended to by a knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate CBD specialist whenever you come to a Koodegras store.

The company believes that sharing the experience and knowledge of hemp and CBD will help benefit you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Koodegras was founded in 2015 by the parents of two professional chemical engineers and claims to be the first store in Utah specializing in CBD.

These engineers strive to ensure that the company’s formulations and technologies help create products that meet high-quality standards.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that, under federal law, cannabis-derived products whose THC levels are below 0.3% are no longer controlled substances(6).

Lab test results show Koodegras’ products have little to no THC content. However, all 50 U.S. states, despite having CBD laws, have different restriction levels regarding CBD use(7).

Before taking CBD, check your state’s laws to ensure you can use the product legally.

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