Overall CBDC Brand Rating for Papa and Barkley: 9.4/10 

Papa and Barkley (Papa & Barkley) produces chemical-free cannabidiol (CBD) products sourced through organic farming. The sun-grown hemp plants are hand-planted and hand-harvested from United States farms.  

However, the company does not offer all its products online. In addition, it does not manufacture any pet CBD products or ship outside the U.S. 

The company uses whole plant infusion. According to the brand’s website, this extraction process uses heat and pressure to remove phytonutrients, cannabinoids (cannabis-derived compounds), and natural terpenes (aromatic compounds). 

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Best Products From Papa and Barkley

Most Soothing CBD Body Oil

Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Body Oil

Soothing CBD Body Oil that delivers ultimate relaxation, relief and skin hydration.
  • Overall Clinical Score
    Most Soothing CBD Body Oil
  • Score breakdown
    Customer Service
    Lab Testing Transparency
  • Summary

    Soothing CBD Body Oil that delivers ultimate relaxation, relief and skin hydration. Each bottle is 60ml containing 400mg CBD. Third-party tested and result is available on site.

    • Chemical-free, no harmful ingredients, Non-GMO.

    • Third-party tested. Test Result is available on site.

    • Offers 20% off upon subscription.

    • Requires consulting to your physician if you are currently undergoing HIV treatment, chemotherapy, or allograft therapy.

  • Features
    Discount pricing available? 20% off upon subscription
    Source of Hemp
    Form CBD Oil
    Ingredients Hemp-Extract PBFlowerTM, Essential Oil Blend (Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender), Vitamin E Oil Natural, Terpenes, Phytocannabinoids
    Type of CBD
    Full Spectrum
    Extraction Method
    Infusion Process
    How to take it Massage into desired area for 15 seconds or more . Reapply needed throughout the day. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool room temperature setting.
    Potency - CBD Per Bottle
    Carrier Oil Hemp Oil, Essential Oil Blend
    CBD Concentration Per Serving
    6.67mg per ml
    Drug Test There may be a slight chance that it will show on positive for THC on a drug test
    Flavours Not specified
    Price Range $39.99
    $/mg CBD
    Price ($/mg)
    $0.10/mg CBD
    Shipping/Time to delivery
    Ships 2-6 business days for Ground Shipping and 2 business days for Express Shipping
    Lab Tests
    Lab Testing Transparency
    Third-party tested. Test Result is available on site.
    Contaminants Chemical-free, no harmful ingredients, Non-GMO
    Allergens Do not use before consulting your physician if you are currently undergoing HIV treatment, chemotherapy, or allograft therapy.
    Refund policy You may request a refund within 30 days of product received date.
    Recommended for CBD starters or users
    Countries served USA
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Papa and Barkley Company Analysis Summary

  • Adam Grossman founded Papa and Barkley to help his dad who was living with back pain. 
  • The company uses whole plant infusion to extract natural substances from hemp plants.  
  • Papa and Barkley’s best-selling products include its 3:1 CBD Releaf Balm and other skincare-related products. The award-winning CBD topical can be massaged into the skin. 

Papa and Barkley Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Variety of CBD products Some products unavailable online 
Whole plant infusion  No CBD pet products are available
High-efficacy formulas Products only available in the U.S.
Several promotions offered


  • Wide variety of CBD (hemp-based) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products, including drops, edibles, and topicals
  • Good range of potency ratios 
  • The brand utilizes whole plant infusion to extract cannabidiol 
  • High efficacy of formulas reported
  • Many promotions offered 
  • The website features a subscription service


  • Products with THC are only available at local dispensaries. Thus, you cannot purchase them online, unlike the brand’s CBD-rich products. In contrast with THC, CBD does not produce mind-altering psychoactive effects, so these Papa and Barkley products will not induce a “high 
  • The company offers no pet CBD products

Review of Papa and Barkley Products

3:1 CBD Releaf Balm 

You can apply the 3:1 CBD Releaf Balm to the skin to provide localized therapeutic effects. 

The CBD Releaf Balm’s ingredients include cannabis, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oil blend (eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender), Vitamin E oil, and terpenes

The company claims that its Hemp Releaf Balms may function as pain-relief salves and joint care products to help with conditions such as soreness.  

Usage and Dosage 

Individuals such as athletes or caregivers can apply CBD balm liberally to an area of skin. Gently massage the balm’s contents over the affected area until completely absorbed. 

Research suggests that CBD may contain anti-inflammatory properties(1) and may help treat chronic pain(2). However, more research is necessitated. 

30:1 CBD Releaf Oil 30mg


The 30:1 CBD Releaf Oil contains cannabis, MCT oil as a carrier oil, and a lemongrass-ginger blend.  

Usage and Dosage

You can use tinctures sublingually for the fastest results. Administer a dose under the tongue and hold for one minute until absorbed. 

The company claims you may experience the therapeutic effects within 15 to 45 minutes. 

CBD Releaf Oil provides 0.25ml of cannabinoids per dose with a dropper.  

Product Summary

Here is a summary of Papa and Barkley’s CBD products.

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp California
Popular Products Releaf Balm, Releaf Drops (60mg), Releaf Capsules (30mg), and Releaf Body Oil 
Types Sold Full-spectrum CBD products
Range of Products Tinctures, edibles, capsules, topicals, and patches
Price Range From $29.99 for the 15ml CBD Releaf Balm to $79.99 for the same product’s 50ml variant
Extraction Methods Whole Plant Infusion 
Lab Testing Transparency and Availability Lab reports and COAs from third-party sources are available on the Papa and Barkley homepage 
CBD Concentration per Serving Range Releaf Drops Double Strength (60mg) may contain 2,078.72mg of CBD per bottle, according to a June 2021 lab result
Potency Releaf Drops Double Strength (60mg) may contain 69.29mg/ml of CBD per serving, according to a June 2021 lab result
THC Range of Products % Less than 0.3% (non-psychoactive); 0.21% THC, according to a June 2021 lab result
Flavors Wild Strawberry Releaf Gummies, Caramel Filled Dark Chocolates, Releaf Dark Chocolate Bar 
Tincture Carrier Oil Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
Shipping and Delivery All shipping through USPS or DHL
Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Refund Policy Refund within 30 days
Contaminants The Releaf Drops Double Strength (60mg) product is free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials
Vegan and Gluten-Free Releaf Gummies are gluten-free. Tart Apple and Berry Burst are vegan.
Customer Service Call (844) 387-9877
Countries Served United States


Papa and Barkley use a chemical- and solvent-free manufacturing process that produces CBD products free of harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

However, a doctor’s consultation is needed to determine the proper dosage before using CBD products. 

Source of Hemp

Papa and Barkley sources hemp from organic U.S. farms in California that conduct hand-planting and hand-harvesting. 

Papa and Barkley’s most popular products include: 

  • Releaf Balm
  • Releaf Drops (60mg)
  • Releaf Capsules (30mg)
  • Releaf Body Oil 

Papa and Barkley claims that the Releaf Balm may help with post-workout recovery and menstrual cramps. 

Releaf Balm contains full-spectrum CBD and is available in different sizes and strengths. The formula contains less than 0.3% THC.  

Types Sold

Papa and Barkley produces full-spectrum hemp products. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains numerous cannabis-based compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.    

Range of Products

Papa and Barkley’s products include tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topicals

The company’s edibles include Wild Strawberry Releaf Gummies, Caramel Filled Dark Chocolates, and Releaf Dark Chocolate Bar. 

Some edibles are rosin-infused with the solid form of resin. Resin is a thick, plant-based substance.   

Price Range/Pricing

The prices range from $29.99 for CBD Releaf Balm (15ml) to $79.99 for the 50ml variant of the product

Extraction Method

Papa and Barkley’s whole plant infusion uses heat and pressure to remove CBD and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

Lab Testing Transparency and Availability

Laboratory test results are available on the company’s website. 

Concentration per Serving Range

According to June 2021 lab results, Papa and Barkley Releaf Drops Double Strength (60mg) may contain 2,078.72mg of CBD per bottle.


Releaf Drops Double Strength (60mg) may contain 69.29mg/ml of CBD per serving, based on a June 2021 COA

THC Range of Products %

The level of THC in the hemp used is within the legal limit of 0.3%. For instance, a June 2021 lab testing done on the Releaf Drops Double Strength variant showed that the product’s THC content was 0.21%.

However, individuals should be cautious when taking products with THC. Over time, trace amounts of THC may appear in drug tests(3).   

Papa and Barkley also offers THC-rich products through its 1:3 THC Releaf Oil that is available in 15ml and 30ml variants.


Papa and Barkley’s edibles are available in flavors, including:

  • Wild Strawberry Releaf Gummies
  • Caramel Filled Dark Chocolates
  • Caramel Filled Milk Chocolates
  • Releaf Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Releaf Milk Chocolate Bar 

Tincture Carrier Oil

Papa and Barkley uses fractionated coconut oil or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in some products like its 30:1 Releaf Oil.

Shipping and Delivery

Papa and Barkley only ships within the USA.


A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is provided if the product does not meet customers’ expectations. 

As long as the customer has proof of purchase and has not bought the items on sale, they may get a refund of the full purchase price, minus shipping and handling fees.

Refund Policy

A full refund is redeemable within 30 days from the purchase date. 


Lab test results show that the Relief Drops Regular Strength (30ml) product is free from heavy metals, pesticides, microbial contaminants, and residual solvents

Papa and Barkley products only contain full-spectrum hemp extract. 

Gluten and Vegan

Releaf Gummies are gluten-free. Some of the gummies are vegan, namely the Tart Apple and Berry Burst flavors.

Customer Service

For questions and concerns, customers may reach the brand at (844) 387-9877.

Countries Served

Papa and Barkley products are available throughout the United States.

About Papa and Barkley


Papa and Barkley’s topical CBD Releaf Balm is among its bestsellers. The CBD brand also offers high-quality items made of natural ingredients.

The company has been featured in notable publications like The New York Times and Forbes. 

It also has thousands of Instagram followers, with customers providing insightful feedback. Papa and Barkley also offers various money-saving promotions. 

History and Mission 

Experiencing chronic pain or watching a loved one dealing with it can be challenging. 

Papa and Barkley was founded when Adam Grossman decided to help his dad manage his back pain. The “Barkley” in the company’s name is a rescue pitbull Grossman gave to his “Papa” as a canine companion.  

Grossman’s first product was a homemade cure known as Releaf Balm. The company’s founder used a Crock-Pot to make the first batch in his kitchen.

After observing the homemade remedy’s efficacy, Grossman launched his wellness products to the booming CBD market. He expanded the product’s formula to:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Patches

The California-based brand’s mission is to educate the public on how Cannabis sativa’s healing powers may change their lives.  

Papa and Barkley uses a whole plant infusion process to extract essential CBD oils. As noted in some Papa and Barkley CBD reviews, the method utilizes no harmful chemicals. 


Founded in 2014, Papa and Barkley’s overall reputation is solid. The medium-sized company has several hundred employees. 

Despite its reputation in the emerging retail market, Papa and Barkley has received no warning letters from the FDA due to false claims.  

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates CBD products differently than medications. It also does not test CBD products for content or guarantee that all cannabidiol products are safe.  

Quality and Transparency

Papa and Barkley is transparent about the manufacturing process of its quality products. Its main hemp source is California. Additionally, the website includes a detailed description of its manufacturing process. 

Some of the brand’s products involve infusing hemp oil into medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil sourced from coconut oil.  

Other extraction methods produce a resin by pressing cannabis plants between two metal plates. These methods leave no residual harmful chemicals, which are usually produced by solvent-based extraction methods like carbon dioxide extraction (CO2 extraction).

GMP Certification 

CBD companies must comply with the FDA’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs). CBD manufacturers adhere to these safety standards for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Packing 

Some companies use third-party certification to verify that they adhere to current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs). However, Papa and Barkley may not be CGMP certified.

Third-Party Testing

All product pages feature a link to an updated certificate of analysis (COA). 

The COA outlines tests conducted by CannaSafe, an ISO 17025-certified, third-party laboratory. 

The company’s products contain clean ingredients and are tested for:

  • Cannabinoids (including CBD and THC
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Residual solvents
  • Mycotoxins (molds)
  • Microbials

Technical Details

Where to Buy: Papa Barkley website

Potency: Mild to Strong

CBD to THC Ratios: 30:1, 3:1, 1:1, 1:3, and 1:30

Product Types: oils, topicals, capsules, edibles, and patches

Cannabis Origin: California

How to Choose CBD Products


Edibles are taken by oral administration. Examples include Papa and Barkley’s Gummies and Chocolate Bars.

These products enter the bloodstream. Thus, you experience their biological effects throughout the body. 

You may use Papa and Barkley’s products to help with anxiety concerns.

According to research, CBD may induce anti-anxiety effects(4)


Individuals may use tinctures:

  • Topically
  • Mixed with food
  • Under the tongue (sublingually) 

Some consumers prefer edibles due to the “earthy” taste of CBD oils and tinctures.  


People apply topicals directly to the skin to induce localized effects. Papa and Barkley’s offerings include: 

  • Massage Oil
  • Balms
  • Releaf Repair Cream
  • Releaf Body Lotion 

When selecting topicals, consider the ingredients, potency, consistency, and scent. 

How to Use CBD Products 

Drops, including CBD oils and tinctures, are usually taken under the tongue with a dropper. Meanwhile, capsules are swallowed with water. 

Topical products are applied to the desired skin region then rubbed in. Some topicals may induce a cooling sensation.   

You can start with Papa and Barkley’s recommended serving size. Then gradually increase the dosage until you achieve the desired effects.   

Safety and Side Effects

CBD is widely considered to have a favorable safety profile(5). 

However, potential mild side effects may include(6):

  • Fatigue
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in weight
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea

Side effects are more likely to occur when consuming CBD with high-fat foods, like red meat, nuts, and dairy products(7)

Reading product disclaimers is highly recommended. 

In addition, you should initiate a conversation with a doctor before using CBD for the first time, particularly if you are taking medication. CBD may induce drug interactions(8)


1. Who owns Papa and Barkley?

Adam Grossman is the founder and owner of the brand.

2. Where are Papa and Barkley products made? 

The CBD brand’s products are sourced from hemp grown and manufactured in Eureka, California

3. What is the shipping policy of Papa and Barkley?

The brand offers free shipping on orders over $75 and sends tracking information through a confirmation email.

4. What is the return policy of Papa and Barkley?

Papa and Barkley offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, this policy does not cover final sale items. 

After approving your return request, the company issues a refund to your original payment method. 


Papa and Barkley was founded based on the concept that people deserve relief from chronic pain. The company’s primary mission is to educate people about the potential life-changing, healing power of cannabis.  

Interested individuals may visit www.papaandbarkley.com to order. Subscription to Papa and Barkley allows a 20% discount and free shipping. 

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