Overall Brand Rating: 9/10

Launched in 2015, CBD For Life is among the original brands for CBD-infused wellness and self-care products.

Combining essential oils with CBD isolate, the brand’s product range grew from rubs for pain relief to traditional tinctures, face creams, and hand sanitizers.

Company Analysis

CBD For Life sources its hemp from a USDA-certified organic farm in Colorado. Employing sustainable farming practices, the brand guarantees high-quality manufacturing of CBD products.

The brand is dedicated to improving the quality of life through CBD products. It has a comprehensive landing site complete with background information about CBD, an online shop, and lab verification of their products.

Recommended for Wellness and self-care
Source of Hemp Colorado
Popular Products Hemp CBD Tincture – Peppermint

CBD Face Cream

CBD For Life Rub – Lavender

Types Sold CBD isolate
Range of Products/Forms CBD tinctures, rubs and roll-ons, toiletries
Extraction Method/s Supercritical CO2 extraction
Lab Testing Transparency/Availability Lab reports are available on the website by production batch
CBD Concentration per Serving Range 30ml bottle of Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture contains 300.9mg of CBD 
Potency 30ml bottle of Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture contains 10mg/g of CBD
THC Range of Products % 0.00%
Flavors Peppermint, non-flavored
Tincture Carrier Oil Organic MCT oil
Lab Results Lab results for every product batch is available on the CBD For Life website
Price Range From $6 for a 50ml bottle of hand sanitizing gel to $95 for a CBD For Life product bundle 
Shipping/Delivery Orders ship within 2-3 days in the US
Guarantee CBD For Life guarantees quality testing and inspection for every shipment
Refund Policy CBD For Life issues refunds after customers submit requests within 30 days of purchase
Contaminants Free of GMOs, parabens, common allergens, and other contaminants
Vegan and Gluten-Free All natural and vegan
Customer Service [email protected] 
Country Served United States

The first CBD For Life product was the CBD rub. The immediate relief and skin nourishing qualities made the brand develop high-quality CBD-infused products.

Source of Hemp

CBD For Life sources its hemp from Colorado. Their partner farm utilizes USDA-certified practices to ensure quality products from farm to bottle.

There are 36 products listed on the CBD For Life shop. Their most popular products include 1 oz jars of Lavender CBD Rub, 1.7 oz jars of CBD Face Cream, and 30ml bottles of Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture.

Types Sold

CBD For Life products contain pure CBD isolate.

Range of Products/Forms

CBD For Life offers a variety of CBD products. These include oil tinctures, bath bombs, sprays, roll-on oil, rubs, and foot creams.

Extraction Method/s

CBD For Life uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method.

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

CBD For Life performs extensive tests on each production batch. Separate lab test results for different ranges of products are available on the brand’s website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

The certificate of analysis indicates that a 30ml bottle of Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture contains 300.9mg of CBD.


The certificate of analysis indicates that a 30ml bottle of Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture contains 10mg/g of CBD.

THC Range of Products % (<0.03% = non-psychoactive)

Based on the COA of several CBD For Life products, the THC content is undetectable.


CBD For Life oil tincture products come in peppermint and raw or non-flavored options. CBD For Life rubs and other topicals may come in lavender, original, and lemongrass scents.

Tincture Carrier Oil

CBD For Life uses organic MCT oil for its CBD isolate products.

Lab Results

Lab test results for potency, heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and pesticides in CBD For Life products are available on the brand’s website.

Price Range

The cheapest product listed on the CBD For Life shop is $6 for the 50ml bottle of Hand Sanitizing Gel – Deluxe Travel.

The most expensive product is $95 for the Quaran-Team bundle, which includes Non-flavored CBD Oil Tincture 600mg, Lavender Roll-On Oil, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Bath Bomb, and Hand Sanitizing Spray. 

Shipping and Delivery

CBD For Life ships products within the US only. It takes 2-3 business days to process orders upon payment verification.


CBD For Life guarantees quality testing and inspection for every shipment. Should an item arrive damaged, customers may contact [email protected] within three days of receipt. 

Refund Policy

Customers can return or exchange an item to CBD For Life upon request within 30 days of purchase.


CBD For Life products are free of GMOs, parabens, common allergens, nuts, and other contaminants.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

CBD For Life products are all-natural and vegan.

Customer Service 

Customers may contact CBD For Life by email at [email protected].

Country Served

CBD For Life products are only available within the United States.


Pros Cons
Variety of CBD products available Ships within the USA only
Shop on website No explicit money-back guarantee
COAs per batch of products available
Informative website

 Pros of CBD For Life

  • CBD For Life offers a variety of CBD products from tincture to bath bombs.
  • Customers can easily purchase CBD For Life products and coupons from their website.
  • Every batch of CBD For Life products have COAs available on the brand’s website for easy verification.
  • The CBD For Life website is complete with a glossary of terms for rookies. It is also transparent with its harvesting and testing practices.

Cons of CBD For Life

  • Customers outside the USA cannot easily purchase CBD For Life products. 
  • CBD For Life offers no money-back guarantee.

Review of CBD For Life CBD Rub Original

CBD Rub Original is the first product that launched the CBD For Life brand. This CBD-infused rub delivers the essential pain-relieving properties[1] of the cannabidiol compound found in hemp plants[2].

The product comes in 25g jars. There also are lemongrass and lavender options available in 28g jars. Each jar contains 120mg of CBD.

A verified CBD For Life customer reported immediate relief during a recovery from a knee injury. Research has shown that patients with nerve pain recover after applying CBD topicals on affected areas[3].

Review of CBD For Life Peppermint Hemp CBD Tincture

Another popular CBD For Life product is the Peppermint Flavor Hemp CBD Tincture. It comes in 30ml bottles and contains either 300mg or 600mg of CBD.

Adult customers can take this sublingually to utilize CBD’s anxiety-relieving properties[4]. Users can also add one full dropper (1ml) of this product to food or drinks. The suggested dosage for better results is 1 to 2 times a day.

Users may also apply the product directly on their skin for anti-inflammatory effects[5]. Consistent usage yields optimal results.


CBD For Life has an accessible website where beginners can learn about CBD, while seasoned customers can easily purchase products.

CBD For Life aims to optimize its customer’s wellness and self-care with a variety of CBD products from organic farming practices to extensive product testing.

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