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Looking for the best CBD information for your canine friend? You’ll be able to find them here. We will continue to update our articles and add new ones as new information becomes available.

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Natural Alternatives to Metronidazole for Dogs


Metronidazole is the primary antibiotic drug used by veterinarians in the treatment of inflammation in the large intestine and other diseases in dogs. Can Cannabidiol or CBD be a potential

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Alternatives to Aspirin for Dogs


CBD oil is seen as a more natural alternative to aspirin for dogs since it offers similar therapeutic benefits. Research studies show that CBD is safer for canines to consume,

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Natural Alternatives to Aspirin for Dogs


There are natural alternatives that could alleviate the symptoms Aspirin helps treat. These natural remedies include Boswellia, Arnica , and CBD oil.

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Alternatives to Rimadyl for Dogs


Cannabidiol, or CBD-based treats, offers a natural alternative that could also alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Several studies involving small animals have shown that CBD can effectively block the progression

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Carprofen for Dogs


What is Carprofen? Carprofen is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat pain and inflammation in dogs.

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Natural Alternatives to Xanax for Dogs


There are several natural alternatives that dog owners are turning to in treating their pet's anxiety, and among them is the use of CBD oil. 

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Best CBD for Dog Allergies


What Are The Benefits of CBD on Dogs With Allergies? Dog owners and veterinarians are using CBD as an alternative treatment for dog allergies due to its special relationship with

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